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Updated on Feb 19,2023

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How To Repost On TikTok 2022 ( Step-By-Step Tutorial )

okay so what's up guys welcome to my,YouTube channel in today's video I'm,going to show you very easy and a simple,way on how you can repost on your Tick,Tock account and in this video I'm going,to walk you through a very detailed,step-by-step tutorial on how you're,going to do this all I want from you is,for you to pay attention to every step,that I'm going to show you apply it and,you're going to see that you will,successfully repost on your Tick Tock,account but before that I would like to,remind you of something which is if,after watching this video you derive the,value from this video please do leave me,a like in this video so that it will,motivate me and also encourage me okay,leave me a comment to the comment,section telling me that this video,really helped you and I'll be glad to,hear that lastly and most importantly do,subscribe to this channel turn on,notification Bell to be getting more,useful information on how to reveal,since on YouTube without wasting much of,our time let's get started I believe,you're already on your Tick Tock app,okay this is talk home interface looks,like and for you to impose there is this,one simple method that you're going to,use to repost if you couldn't see the,option of reposting which is you,clicking on on this your share icon at,the downright of this interface click on,this share icon then if you click on it,you're going to come and see these,options here then at the top where,you're going to see your profile icon,you're going to see by the left you're,going to see reports and if you want to,Repose this video just click on this,Repose and you like this you you will,see I post this video by reposting you,can introduce videos you find,interesting to other people people you,may know will be able to see that,represent video you can add a comment to,the post then if you want to propose,this particular video click on Repose,and like that you're going to repost it,okay okay let me just repost it I've,already posted the video and you are,going to see that by Ali you're going to,see Repose okay and that's the very,simple way how are you going to do that,if you still find yourself confusing or,if you check for that particular options,and including serial post option all you,need to do is first to click on this,your profile icon at the right down,right of this interface click on it,you're going to come to your profile,page then click on these three lines at,the top click on the three lines at the,top going we are going to see such,things and previously click on settings,and privacy then if you click on it,you're going to see these options here,the only option I would like you to,click is first to click on privacy Okay,click on privacy then if you click on,privacy you're going to come up here and,you're going to see repost option here,down here in your own if you couldn't,see it then if you couldn't succeed go,to account if you go to account then,change this account switch it to,business account and you're going to see,the particular options here and that is,a very simple way or how you're going to,do that if you still couldn't see it all,you need to do again is for you to come,out from tick tock,go to Google place if you go to Google,Play Store,search for tick tock app here,search for tick tock app then if you,search for tick tock app I would like,you to update your Tick Tock app okay if,you haven't updated your tiktok app,please please try to do so and after,updating your Tick Tock app you click on,open and you go to your settings that's,your full settings after updating your,click on Tick Tock app go to your phone,settings then go to apps and permission,or you could just go to apps okay go to,apps click on apps after clicking on,apps you're going to find your Tech talk,app here after clicking on apps you're,going to search for tick tock app then,you're going to find it after finding it,you're going to go to permissions okay,please allow all the permission here as,you can see mine is only files and media,is allowed then I'm going to allow,everything here,allow all the permission Okay click here,click on all permission I'm going to see,that please try to allow all the,permission here and you allowing all the,permissions you are going to see the,reports option and that's a very simple,way on how you're going to do that I'm,just going to allow all the information,here right now,okay,please allow all the permission that you,have on your tiktok then after allowing,it go back to your t-tock app and you're,going to see that the particular repost,option is going to be there and that's,the very simple way on how you're going,to do that so guys I believe you,understand every step that I showed in,this video and I believe this video was,very useful and helpful to you all I,want you to do for me is for you to,leave me a like in this video so that it,will motivate me and also encourage me,knowing fully whether people love me and,people are getting value from my videos,do leave me a commen

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How To Get The Repost Button On TikTok (NEW UPDATE 2022)

How To Get The Repost Button On TikTok (NEW UPDATE 2022)

how to get the repost button on tick,tock hello everybody and welcome to this,video where i'm going to show you,exactly how to get the repost button on,tick tock but make sure that you watch,this until the very end so that you,don't make any mistakes in this process,so what we need to do first is to go,into the tick tock app,and now when we're on the tick tock app,then we need to click on the three lines,in the top right corner,then click where it says settings and,privacy,and in here we need to scroll down just,a little bit,and then click where it says report a,problem,keep watching because i will explain,exactly why we have to do this,and then we need to scroll down,until we can see where it says,feed search and share that is exactly,where we need to click so click on feed,search and share,perfect now we're just going to load a,little bit,great and now we need to click where it,says share,then click on other,and now it's just going to load perfect,now we need to click where it says no,then click on need more help,and then you will be taken to this page,right here what you need to do right now,is to write something like this,i'm going to demonstrate to you,i am missing the repost button please,bring it back to my account because this,is an important function to my tick tock,user experience,basically write something like this it,does not have to be 100 exactly like,this but you need to explain to tick,tock that you don't have the repost,button and you want to get it back,because basically it's important for,your tiktok user experience something,like that and then when you're done just,click where it says report,so what will happen now is that this,will actually go directly to somebody,that works for tick tock and it will,take about one to three business days,for them to respond back to you,it can sometimes take longer just so you,know but when they do respond then,hopefully this issue will be resolved,for you if this does not work there's,actually another way that you can try,right away also if you want to you can,go back to,this homepage right here and if you have,an iphone then you can go into your app,store or if you have an android then go,into your google play,and then you need to search for tick,tock basically and i'm going to do it,right now i'm just going to search for,tick,tock right here perfect,and now i'm just going to click on the,tick tock app and you can see for me it,says like open there's a small like blue,button where it says open but if it,would say like update instead then i,will need to click on it because you,will need to have the latest tick tock,update so make sure that you have the,latest tick tock update and then check,if that will solve your issue basically,so let me know in the comments below if,you have any questions and i will do my,very best to try to help you and also,don't forget to leave a like on this,video and subscribe to my channel,because i'm doing a lot of helpful,videos constantly that might be very,useful to you thank you very much for,watching and i wish you an awesome day

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This is How You Repost Your TikTok Videos to Reels - Do This to go Viral!

This is How You Repost Your TikTok Videos to Reels - Do This to go Viral!

okay so you're posting video content on,tik tok and you want to repurpose that,on other platforms particularly,instagram reels but with all the updates,of instagram and particularly advice,around reals being we've been told what,you should and shouldn't do in order to,get greater exposure with them you are,now feeling left completely confused to,what you should be doing,well in today's video i'm going to lift,that confusion and show you step by step,exactly how you can repost your tic toc,videos to instagram reels that will give,them every chance possible to go viral,and make sure you stick around towards,the end as well where i'm going to share,with you my quick and easy hack to,creating real cover photos within the,app that really grab people's attention,my name is leah buckingham and i am a,multi award-winning social media and,business performance coach and i help,ambitious business owners and,entrepreneurs just like yourself to,position themselves online as a go-to,authority in their own industry so that,they have more impact income and freedom,in their lives if you would like to see,my weekly trainings don't forget to hit,the subscribe button now,okay so right before we start i just,want to say that every social media,platform wants you to be on their,platform and create content directly,when it within it as well as use all,their features available so recording,reels directly in instagram would be,ideal but,we're all busy people running our own,businesses with the multiple tasks that,we need to achieve every single day so,it's just not practical to re-record,every single video on every platform,repurposing your content so that's all,types of contents you videos static,posts memes animations all of it is key,to getting your content seen across,multiple platforms and whilst helping,you to manage your time in the most,productive way also,okay so first i'm going to show you how,to,how i actually saved my ticktock videos,to my camera roll which when you publish,a video on tiktok you can save that,video but it will download the video,with the tiktok logo watermark and this,is a big no-no when sharing your content,to other platforms and when instagram,reels was first introduced everyone was,just blatantly uploading their tick,tocks and the platform was full of,videos with the tiktok logo watermark,everywhere and instagram has later,announced that they will not push those,videos out as much on the platform,so it's really important to share your,video to reels without the watermark to,give your video the best chance of being,pushed out there,so there's two ways i do this depending,on whether it's a previous tic top video,but i've already,published,or one that i have just recorded and,it's still in draft so for my tick tock,videos that i've not yet published to,tiktok what i do is i screen record the,video in the preview mode now i'm on an,iphone so this will be different for,android users but what i do is i click,on the video on the top right corner and,you can see it shows a preview of the,video if you press on the square at the,top right of the screen it shows the,video in its original form so i can,swipe down from the top right which,takes me to my control panel and i can,press the record button so once it's,played through,i can stop recording and it's then in my,camera roll and i just edit the video,there to where i want it to start and,end,but if you have already published the,tick tock video then this is what you,need to do so go to that particular,tiktok video and select the three dots,at the bottom and here you will see copy,link then open up on your browser, which is completely free to,use and you can paste a url and press,download then select download server one,download and then it will go to your,downloads now again i'm on an iphone so,to get it to my camera i need to go to,the blue arrow top right of the screen,press on the download and then select,the share button at the bottom of the,screen on the left hand side to then,select save video this will then save,the video to my camera roll with no,tiktok watermark logo at all okay so now,you have your video ready to upload to,instagram reels without the ticktock,watermark logo but there's still things,some things that you can do to make sure,you're giving that video every chance of,success on the instagram platform,the first is the audio the tip top video,you have downloaded will have the audio,from tiktok but if you can find that,audio on reels and use it there that,will work more in your favor so you,search the audio directly in reals or,you can also now search for audios in,the explore page which is really cool,and it actually helps massively when,you're trying to find specific audios,but once you have it saved when you go,to create the reel select the audio,add your video and then when you go to,preview it you can click on the music,icon at the top and you can see the,video audio is down so no sound and the,reels audio is up to 100. so

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How to Get the Repost Button on Tiktok

How to Get the Repost Button on Tiktok

how to get the repost button on tiktok,hey guys welcome back to the channel and,in today's video i'm going to show you,how to get the repost button on tick,tock without further ado let's get,started so the repost button feature is,basically a quick way to share any video,you find with all of your followers and,friends so the first way we are going to,try is to make sure that your tick tock,is updated so just go to your app store,or your play store and go to the search,bar and just type in tick tock,let's click on tick tock and make sure,that it says open right here and if not,if it says,update just click on that so that it,will update your tick tock application,the next step is to go to the tik tok,app and open it,from the home page just go to the,profile page by clicking on,the button at the bottom right corner,and,just click this,three bar button at the top right corner,click on settings and privacy and scroll,down a bit and you have the option to,clear the cache so don't worry because,this will not delete your drafts or your,videos the data that will be deleted if,you clear your cache is merely your,preloaded profile information and your,watch history,so that is one way after that,if the repost button is still not,showing just click on the three line,button right here again and the settings,in privacy let's go to the support,section just scroll down a bit and click,on report a problem,just wait for it to load,and click on the compost button right,here,click on the compost button again and,just type in about the repost button if,it is not shown on your profile and type,something like please help me resolve,this issue,type in thank you as well and you can,also add media files,to show that you still don't have the,repost button on tiktok,that if that still does not work just,reinstall your tik tok app and you might,get your repost button so another option,is to go click on the three,line button again go to settings and,privacy and click on privacy,so this only works on some location or,regions so,like in my location it does not show so,but in sum it might show the repost,option right here it is usually below,the liked video so if you have a repost,option somewhere under the safety,section right here just click on that,and toggle the repost button feature on,and that will show your repost option,for example just click on the share,button at a certain video and here is,the repost button you can click on,and that is how to get the repost button,on tiktok so that is all for this,tutorial do let us know if this video,helped you out and if you have any,questions feel free to comment them down,below thank you all for watching and,have a great day

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How To Fix Repost Option Not Showing In TikTok (New Update)

How To Fix Repost Option Not Showing In TikTok (New Update)

how to fix repost option not showing in,tik tok,hi everyone and in today's video i will,be teaching you how to fix repost option,not showing in tik tok so let's begin,before we start what is the repost,option on tech talk so the repost option,basically um just like in twitter,whenever you retweet something it will,show on the newsfeed of your friends so,whenever you repost a video on tick tock,what this will do is that it will show,the repo set video on their for you page,or whatever commonly known as their fyp,so,what i would suggest if the repost,option is not showing,what you're going to do is to go to your,app store or your google play store and,then make sure that your,tick tock app is up to date so if your,tick tock app is um,not up to date,make sure to update it first and then,once you have updated it,go to um tick tock and open it and then,go to your profile right here on the,lower right corner,and then,um,for other region you may be able to see,this option but for in countries like me,i cannot see this option but i will tell,you anyway so go to your profile click,on the three lines right here on the,upper right and click on settings and,privacy and go to privacy right here,once you're in privacy you just simply,scroll down right here and then you,should be able to see the repost option,so again on my country i don't have that,um repost option right here but i can,still do the repost but other countries,or region have the repost option right,here which they can turn it on or turn,it off so if you have that option make,sure to click on it and make sure to,turn it on and then once you have turned,it on you may now go to your home right,here and look for the um,tech talk video that you want for,example i want to repost this video i,just simply click on the share button,right here,and then click on repost which is the,very first option,so again once you repost a tick-tock,video it will be then showed on the fyp,of the or the for you page of your,friends,so,again um if you don't have those options,or if you can still have this repost,option what i would suggest is go to,your profile once again,and then go to,the three lines on the upper right,corner go to settings and look for the,report a problem option,so go to report a problem,and then click on the compose button,right here on the upper right corner,and make sure to compose a,problem,so type in right here that i cannot,repost or you don't have the repost um,option and then click on report and you,should wait for at least two to three,business days or until tick tock has um,reply to your concern so that's it,that's how you can fix repost option not,showing in tick tock,so that's all for this video let me know,in the comments section if this works,out for you,for more helpful tutorials like this,please subscribe to our channel and,don't forget to click that notification,bell,thank you for watching and have a,wonderful day

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How To Delete Repost On TikTok

How To Delete Repost On TikTok

hey guys trevor here and in this video,i'm going to show you how to delete a,repost on tick tock it's pretty quick,and easy so let's jump right in,now i'm going to open up the tick tock,app here and i'm going to walk you,through,re-posting a video and then how to,delete that repost,so i'm going to tap that little share,icon at the bottom right here,and then you can see at the top left,here it gives me the option to repost,i'm going to tap on that and you can see,right above the name,of the username it says you reposted and,gives me the option to add a comment,so i've reposted this video and to,delete it i have a couple different,options one of the things that i want to,show you is if i go to my profile icon,at the bottom right here,it doesn't show this video in this feed,i can go through all of these and it,doesn't show this video anywhere that,i've reposted so i cannot find it on my,specific profile to delete that repost,the key is to delete or remove that,repost you have to go to the original,video that you reposted,so i can tap that share icon at the,bottom right again,and then at the same place that i,reposted it it gives me the option to,remove that repost,however,if you've done this say a few days ago,and you don't remember exactly which,video you reposted to go back to it i'll,show you a trick to be able to find that,and delete that repost,so at the bottom right we're going to,tap on our profile icon,and then we're going to tap on the three,lines at the top right here,and go to settings and privacy,now once we're on here if we scroll down,you can see midway down is watch history,so i'm going to tap on watch history,and then i'm going to tap on the very,first one that's one that i just,reposted,and what you can do is you can scroll,through here and this is your watch,history for the last seven days,and you're gonna see,which one that you reposted so you can,scroll through and see if any of these,look like ones that you've reposted,and i think there's one that i reposted,down here somewhere,let me see if i can find it so you go,through here this one with the little,cat,so i can tap on this one because say i,remember that i reposted this video,and again i can tap on the share icon,here oh this might not be the one that i,reposted so you can go through here,and if there are any ones of these that,you reposted you can keep tapping on the,share icon,and,tap,if you want to,un-repost it or delete the repost so,this is a good way to be able to scroll,through and see if you've watched a lot,of tick tock videos it could be buried,in here somewhere but otherwise you need,to find that exact same video and go to,the video to be able to delete that,repost,hope this helps let us know if you have,any questions in the comments below and,make sure to subscribe thanks

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How To Use TikTok! (Complete Beginners Guide) (2022)

How To Use TikTok! (Complete Beginners Guide) (2022)

i'm back everyone let's go and do a,quick introduction of the application,tick tock and pretty much how to use it,it's like one of the most popular,applications of all time if you're new,to it this is pretty much how to use it,for the most part so basically this is,the application you can go and install,it on the google play store app store,you can also access it via your internet,browser on mac or pc so once you go,ahead and install it for the first time,it will actually prompt you to pretty,much log in and do all that good stuff,if you've never created a tick tock,account before you can just click sign,up you can also log in via your google,account and all that stuff very very,basic stuff there's really nothing crazy,there so once you go ahead and log in,again that's a bunch of personal,information there you will get into this,application like this now there's a,little bit of a breakdown so at the top,you pretty much get into your status bar,these basically the middle panel will,always change depending on which panel,you're at the bottom but the bottom,portion is where you want to direct your,attention so here where it says home,this is going to be your home feed this,is where basically all your take talks,will reside you get into a couple panels,here and there which we'll get into in a,second the discover panel will allow you,which is the second panel down here this,will allow you to actually see what's,trending what's new you know if you want,to go and see any of the trending,hashtags here but you can also check out,the search button at the top right here,you'll see this banner up top which you,can swipe through the search button will,allow you to search for other usernames,hashtags sounds anything like that,within tiktok you can click on the,search button up here and you'll,basically be able to you know see that,there which is really cool now the,middle button here the plus button will,actually allow you to start filming your,tick tocks now this is a crazy i mean,it's going to take me 45 minutes to,break down exactly everything here my,second show has a ton of tutorials on,basically everything here but you can,basically go through here and i'll,basically explain a quick layout in a,second but this is where you can go and,film your tick tocks you can click the x,button here the inbox button which is,the fourth button here will show you all,sorts of other you know information,within your account specifically with,notifications so if anybody likes your,tech talks follows you or anything like,that you'll basically see that on that,you know inbox panel you can also see,your direct messages by clicking on that,you know and you'll basically see a huge,list of all the people who are dming you,or you're dming them and all that good,stuff too now this profile button which,is right here will take you to your,profile page now this is where you,probably want to go ahead and check out,every once in a while and you can,configure your panel so here you can see,my name is up here my username how many,people i'm following followers all that,good stuff my profile here so i can,click edit profile and add up all these,other options here and you will see a,list of all of my tick tocks here so if,you ever make any tech stocks you'll,basically see them here and that's,actually pretty much it you know that,you have your drafts here and if you,ever want to go ahead and modify any,settings within your ticktalk account a,majority of the tutorials and the,majority of the settings you'll ever,mess with is by clicking on that top,little three line button in the top,right corner you'll get into this page,and if you ever have any questions or,any answers or anything like that you,can basically make your way over to this,specific page right here settings and,privacy you can tinker around with so,many things within your account so,typically any tutorial if you ever have,any questions i go how do i do this on,tiktok search for it on google and most,of the time you'll basically be able to,find that within this panel so we'll get,into that in a second actually that's,pretty much it for you know the basic,layout of tick tock now if we make our,way over to our home page here like i,mentioned this is basically now this is,a video you'll get basically get a,created feed of your whole entire feed,of tick-tock so this is the first video,typically if you ever open it up there's,an ad you can go ahead and scroll,through all your tick tocks by scrolling,through like this and you'll basically,get a whole list so you can see the,first tick tock we saw here you can,scroll down see this tick tock you can,scroll down again see this tick tock and,you can just keep scrolling through to,see all the tick tocks typically you,scroll down and you'll see all the tick,tocks that you want and it's actually,really cool you can pause the tech talk,by clicking on it and you will see all,sorts of other information so here,you'll see a little breakdown of for you,and

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How To Fix Repost Option Not Showing On TikTok

How To Fix Repost Option Not Showing On TikTok

okay guys welcome to my YouTube channel,if you're one of those guys that have,been having the problem of not being,able to see the repost option on your,tiktok account then consider this video,yours because in this video I'm going to,walk you through a very detailed,step-by-step tutorial on how you're,going to do this all I want from you in,this video is for you to pay attention,to every step that I'm going to show you,apply it and you're going to see that,you will successfully repost a video on,your Tick Tock account and you're also,going to see the option of you reposting,a video,um without wasting much for more time,let's get started but before that please,if after watching this video you derive,the value from this video leave me a,like in this video so that it will,motivate me and also encourage me okay,thankfully whether people love me and,people are getting volume for my videos,do leave me a comment in the comment,section if it doesn't work for you and I,will find a possible way to do it lastly,and most importantly do subscribe to the,channel to be getting more useful,information on how to do various things,on YouTube it's always so much fun let's,get started I believe you're already on,your Tech your account okay and for you,to repost a particular video you'll be,looking for a way to reposit and you,couldn't see it okay there is this,simple trick on this simple step behind,going to do it which is if you want to,repost this particular video here click,on this,share icon at the downright of this,interface that you're going to see an,arrow Okay click on it if you click on,it then you're going to come to this,particular interface or these settings,here,and you will be seeing these options and,for you to do that you have to first of,all see you are going to look at the top,where you're going to see your profile,icon then if you look at the top where,you're going to see your profile but I,decide that by the left you're going to,see a report option there then if you,click on this repost option as you can,see you posted add comments meaning that,you've already reposted this picture in,this particular video and that's a very,simple way on why you're going to do,that still if you couldn't see this,report option all you need to do here is,for you to go to Google Play Store if an,Android User if an iPhone user go to,Apple Store try to update your Tick Tock,app okay update your ticket app then,after updating your tiktok I'll come,back here go to your phone settings if,you go to your phone settings,go to apps or you can go just have some,management they'll find these fine fine,Tick Tock app okay go down here to where,you're going to see stick talk then find,Tick Tock app then please go to click on,this permission,yours your permission by default is not,going to be allowed by everything but,please try to allow everything on your,permission okay don't deny any of these,things allow everything then after,allowing everything come up from your,Tick Tock then open your Tick Tock app,after allowing everything open your Tick,Tock app,today I'm going to come to this,particular interviews again after,clearing your data and everything open,your Tick Tock app then you're going to,see let's go video here click on this,share icon you're going to be seeing,repost if you still don't if you,couldn't still post combat here go to,your Tick Tock app again,click on profile icon at the downwards,click on these three lines at the top,click on it then click on settings on,privacy if you click on settings and,privacy you're going to come to these,options click on private privacy after,clicking on privacy down here you're,going you will see a post option then if,you click on the reports option you're,going to turn it on or off and that's a,very simple way on how you're going to,do this so guys I believe you understand,every step that I showed you and every,tutorial that I walked you through right,now all I want from you in this video is,for you to leave me a like in this video,leave me a comment if it doesn't work,for you and I find it possible way to,sort it out for you lastly and most,importantly do subscribe to the channel,to get more easily information on to the,various things on YouTube love a nice,day guys thank you

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