Angel Number 55: Its Meaning And 6 Reasons It's Everywhere (2023)

Been Seeing Angel Number “55?”

Seeing the Angel Number “55” is a significant numerological sign from up above, you’ve got to pay attention! We’re going to go over it’s different possible meanings as well as what you need to do or think when you see this wonderful sign.

Now keep in mind that Angel Number “55” consists of the number 5 repeated twice, thus, this number’s vibration, attributes, and energies are amplified, and twice as powerful!

The Angel Number “55” Carries the Following Vibrations…

All of these different vibrational messages have one thing in common… “Change.”

More on this later, for now, let’s get right into the 6 Divine messages you need to pay attention to regarding the Angel Number “55!”

6 Divine Messages from Angel Number “55”:

If the number “55” started popping up in your life often, then there are definitely quite a few possibilities as to why!

Make sure to check out each different possibility to see which one most corresponds to you. You could also resonate with a whole bunch of them. One way to find out…

Let’s get into the different meanings of Angel Number “55!”

# 1 – Change Is in the Air

When the Divine Number “55” happens into your life, probably the most common result is a significant change.

That’s right! Change! In other words, something big is likely about to happen, this could be your guardian Angels trying to warn you, and tell you not to be scared.

Remember, change is inevitable, and it is most certainly not a bad thing!

Angel Number 55: Its Meaning And 6 Reasons It's Everywhere (2)

Perhaps Angel Number “55” appears to remind you that change is an eventuality. It is more than just a part of life, life is constant change. That’s what makes it so exciting!

Now, it doesn’t hurt to get prepared for whatever change life throws at you. But what exactly should you do?

First off, pay attention to the thoughts you have, the words you speak, and the actions you take. Your thoughts, believe it or not, heavily influence your reality. (In more ways than you think!)

It’s absolutely essential to keep tabs on the language you use when referring to yourself in your mind. If you are negative with yourself, that’s unpreparedness. If you’re positive and have faith in yourself, you’re prepared!

To quote one of the greatest Stoics (and Roman emperor)…

The happiness of your life depends upon thequalityof yourthoughts: therefore, guard accordingly, and take care that you entertain no notions unsuitable to virtue and reasonable nature.

Marcus Aurelius

#2 – Time to Let Go:

Another very significant reason you could be seeing “55” all over the place is that it might be time to let something go.

Now, I can’t tell you what that something is for you, but if this resonates with you, you’ll just know.

Let’s go over a few examples…

  • Maybe you need to let go of old, toxic habits…
  • Or maybe it’s time to cut ties with people that bring you down…
  • You might need to let go of attachment to an ex-partner…
  • It might even be time to let go of a current partner, if your relationship is toxic
  • Lastly, maybe it’s time to work on releasing fear, doubt or past trauma through spiritual practice…
Angel Number 55: Its Meaning And 6 Reasons It's Everywhere (3)

Of course, the list goes on and on, these are just some examples off the top of my head.

If you feel like this is why you’ve been seeing Angel Number “55,” but you aren’t too sure what you’re supposed to release, I recommend sitting down for a while and simply meditating on it.

Check out my Binaural Angel Meditation “Deep Beneath the Dream,” it’s free and it might help out!

Letting go and cutting those cords of attachment can be one of the most spiritually fulfilling experiences, despite the pain.

With all that said, remember, the Universe will only give you what you are ready for!

# 3 – It’s Time to Reinvent Yourself

Since the Divine Number “55” reflects change and the act of letting go of the past, seeing this wondrous sign could just as well mean that it’s time to reinvent yourself!

Perhaps now is the time to welcome new experiences and magical opportunities!

Although most fear change, this doesn’t have to be the case for you. This could be the sign from your Angels that it’s now time to finally take that “leap” towards manifesting the life you know you deserve!

I recommend you sit down, breathe, stay present and perhaps write down what you want your life to be like. Journal everything that comes to mind, what does your professional life look like? Your relationship? What about your home? Everything you can think of!

Afterward, split that “dream life” into tangible, SMART goals and tap into your creative curiosity to set up a plan for the closest target! I know you can do it, this just might be the push you needed!

# 4 – Your Angels Are Here to Support You

So, we’ve gone over the fact that the numerological significance of the Divine Number “55” is heavily connected to change, right?

So, in some cases, it’s only natural to feel like you’re struggling. Serious change seriously breaks inertia, after all. It’s absolutely normal to feel energetic resistance towards the “new…”

I’m receiving the guidance that, for you, reading this blog post, your Angels are with you. You have nothing to fear. Here’s a reading that can help too:

The Angel Number “55” could be your signal to have faith. You are on the right track, all you have to do is stick to your principles and do your best, the rest takes care of itself!

# 5 – Check Up on Your Attitude

Now pay attention to this! It’s a particularly significant meaning of the number “55.” Especially when you start finding it everywhere; on phone numbers, receipts, clocks, license plates, all over the place!

Now, ask yourself this:

What’s my attitude like today?

Here’s the deal; if your attitude isn’t aligned with your vision of you are, then it’s time for a change.

Now, this change in attitude doesn’t have to be harsh, as a matter of fact, quite the opposite! The Angel Number 55 symbolizes an invitation to keep your spirits up, have empathy with yourself and allow yourself to feel.

Here’s a training I did on how to process “not so positive” feelings and pivot to positivity:

Trust me, only through allowing ourselves to feel can we really begin to have actual control over our lives. This is such an incredible realization!

# 6 – Honor Yourself

Similarly to how the Divine Number “55” can show that a change is coming or needs to happen, it can also symbolize that the way you treat yourself needs to change…

If you feel as though you’ve maybe been neglecting yourself, now is the time to connect with your inner child. I highly recommend journaling to find out what your passions are!

Angel Number 55: Its Meaning And 6 Reasons It's Everywhere (5)

Now is the time to give yourself the attention you deserve. Learn that new skill, focus on your goals and become the person you know you can be!

There is nothing better than waking up in the morning with no regrets and proud of your impact on the world, right? So, you’re a Divine Being, and you deserve to honor yourself.

Now, that about wraps the 6 reasons you could be seeing the Angel Number “55” all over the place, but I’m not done yet! Check out these insights about this wonderful Divine Number!

Insights About the Angel Number “55”

  • It carries the vibration of number 1 as (5+5=10 and 1+0=1), so 55 reduced corresponds to the Angel Number 1.
  • It’s a powerful master number. 55 is 5 times the power of master number 11 (5X11=55), and that makes it a higher frequency vibrational number!
  • It carries the vibration of freedom. Since 55 brings the energy of change, if we learn to embrace said change, we can gain newfound freedom as doors begin to unlock before us.

In Summary: Be Ready for Change!

When you see the Angel Number “55,” know that it really means that great change is coming or needs to happen. Have faith that your Angels are by your side, and that you are ready to face said change.

Stay positive! Have faith, honor yourself and always, always do your best! The Universe will only throw at you what you need and are capable of handling. Live in alignment with your truest self and you have nothing to worry about!

Alright, that wraps it up for Angel Number “55!” I hope you’ve received insights from this article. 🙂

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Sending you love,

P.S. If, like me, you’ve been seeing the number 911 all over, check out the Divine Meaning behind the Angel Number 911!

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